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Are you missing out on deductions?

Don't Overpay on Taxes

Most commercial property owners overpay taxes year-after-year. They miss out on substantial and allowable depreciation expense deductions. Most buildings are depreciated on a 39, 31.5 or 27.5 year schedule. However, our in-depth, engineering-based construction cost analysis corrects and legally converts large portions of facilities to a 15, 7, or 5 year schedule – saving significant money for the owner. Resulting in increased cash flow available for wealth development.

Take Advantage of Accelerated Depreciation

The Power of A Cost Segregation Study

Without what is known as an “Engineering-Based Cost Segregation Study,” the taxpayer is unable to take full advantage of accelerated depreciation expense deductions which are available to the commercial property owner. This causes them to surrender significant cash flow, in the form of taxes paid to the IRS. By conducting a CSS, we can correctly and legally reclassify construction, or acquisition, costs for tax depreciation purposes.

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Schedule a conference to discover — in real, guaranteed numbers — what financial benefits may be available by engaging the services of Neff Consulting Group — the key to unlocking the power of your property and cash flow for your future. At NCG you will get a quote of what you will save. If we exceed our benefits quote, there is no small print that increases our fee. In addition to the decades of construction background, under the ownership of a licensed CPA, you can be confident that not only are our fees are fixed by law, but our results are also the best in the business.

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In a brief consultation, we get to know your facilities/buildings and identify your needs. We will explore what you own, the time of your acquisition and its location.


Cost/Benefit Analysis

A full analysis of your properties and situation to determine ultimate value for you. A quote of benefits will be included in an engagement letter.


Benefit from NCG

Enjoy knowing we are working diligently in the background to complete your study and deliver maximum benefit.

Serving Clients Across the US

Based in Spokane, WA Since 1999

Neff Consulting Group has been a Quality Rated CSS provider for over 20 years. Our team consists of construction, engineering and tax professionals whose key personnel possess more than 8 decades of combined experience which is implemented in every facet of our Studies. We possess the technical skills, practical experience, in-depth knowledge of the applicable IRC and Case Law, and formal education to effectively communicate with every member of the project owner’s organization, financial team and construction personnel.

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Client Testimonials

They Are On Our Team

Thanks to Neff Consulting Group and their tremendous diligence – Oh how we’ve grown! Using our own capital from tax savings, we’ve also been able to substantially reduce our leveraging, debt service and interest.  They are on our team and our contractors appreciate working with them.

Pat D.  |  Developer

Our Partner In Our Growth

Neff Consulting has prepared many Cost Segregation Studies and built several financial cost segregation models for our companies over the past 18 years. Their work is exceptional. We consider them to be our partner in our growth.

Residential SFD Home Developer | CFO

Above And Beyond!

Neff Consulting identified additional fixed assets, on our depreciable schedule, that needed correction. They captured these corrections while preparing our Form 3115.  Thank you for reducing our tax liability by an additional $47k!

Jacob D.