Cost Segregation Studies:

Totally Transparent With The Costs And Benefits

I work with around 40 to 50 businesses annually reviewing and analyzing their cash flow management. For many business owners they have real estate either personally or in an LLC where they rent the property back to their business.

Often is the case where they have not heard about nor told by their accountants anything about the tax benefits of cost segregation. Lynn Neff has been an incredible in dealing with my clients on explaining and providing cost segregation to my clients.

I have come across numerous other cost segregation services, primarily from other accounting firms. Majority of the time these accounting firm providers are substantially higher priced, not as transparent in providing information, don’t bring up cost segregation unless they provide it or use an outside provider that pays them a fee to refer outside provider, and unfortunately, often take an easier route called “cost segregation light” which leaves substantial tax benefits on the table.

Lynn Neff is totally transparent with the costs and benefits and the process in providing cost segregation. She provides a complimentary service to first see if doing a cost segregation is worthwhile for the client. And the cost for providing a cost segregation service is based on the time spent at an hourly rate not as a percentage of the tax savings as most accounting firms and outside commercial services charge the client for the service which is a much more expensive pricing method.

I would only refer Lynn Neff for cost segregation services and have never been disappointed and my clients have been highly satisfied with her competency and results in providing this service to them.

Dan Cunningham  |  The Business Ferret

Experienced Team Working to Get You The Maximum Return

When I contacted Neff Consulting Group, at the recommendation of my CPA, I already had a proposal from another provider. So, when I contacted NeffCG, I was price shopping. Speaking directly with the owner of NeffCG, she very candidly said that she couldn’t promise a lower fee, but that she could review the scope of our project and determine the benefits available to us and, based upon scope of their work, she would arrive at a firm fee. At that time, she had no idea what the other provider had quoted for benefits or fee. 

When I saw the difference in benefits, that’s when I shared the other provider’s proposal.  Lynn, out of her own curiosity, tried to determine how the other provider arrived at their substantially lower benefits.  In our discussion, I asked if she was saying that NeffCG “couldn’t do that badly, if you tried?”  She confirmed that notion and added that she would not sign her name to such a deficient study or report. Lynn provided the names of some former/current clients as references, and I got a glowing review (“we LOVE Lynn”) from one of them who coincidentally was a friend of a friend who I knew would give me their real thoughts on working with them.

We hired NeffCG and the benefits were in the millions (vs $168k) and their fee was not that much higher! Working with NeffCG, you definitely have a strong and experienced team working to get you the maximum return!

– Erik P.  |  Business Owner/Real Estate Developer

Our Partner In Our Growth

Neff Consulting has prepared many Cost Segregation Studies and built several financial cost segregation models for our companies over the past 18 years. Their work is exceptional. We consider them to be our partner in our growth.

Residential SFD Home Developer  |  CFO

We’ve Witnessed The Difference.

Our firm has been referring the Cost Segregation Services of Neff Consulting Group to our clients since 2002.  Principals of our firm have used their services on their own holdings, as well. Since that time, many “providers” have entered the industry.  In our experience, we know that when Neff Consulting Group is the provider, an incomparable quality study will be the result and our clients will receive the greatest benefit.  We’ve witnessed the difference.

CPA Firm  |  Tax Managing Partner

Extremely Pleased with Lynn’s level of expertise

Lynn Neff completed Cost Segregation Studies (CSS) for many of our commercial properties competently and seamlessly. Lynn proved that her full-service, all-inclusive business model works to perfection, as her firm completed the Studies in a timely manner and, most importantly, with true professionalism. She also willingly assumed the responsibility for finalizing the preparation of the all-important IRS filing forms. Another admirable quality of Lynn is that she is highly responsive and will keep you continuously updated throughout the course of the CSS. In essence, I was extremely pleased with Lynn’s level of expertise and am highly recommending Lynn Neff and her firm’s services to all those considering an engineered Study.

Jeff S.  |  CPA

Great Firm to Work With!

Great firm to work with! So transparent and so helpful with strategizing.  I remember the first time we hired Neff Consulting Group to perform a Cost Seg study for us. We felt the benefits were far too good to be true. But, they were true and continue to be true. The money we have saved, thanks to them, has catapulted our growth!

Ron G.  |  Owner/Hospitality Services

fantastic interpersonal skills to go along with tremendous technical expertise

Lynn stepped in to prepare Form 3115 on a cost segregation study for our firm completed by another company and did such a superb job that we awarded the next assignment in its entirety to Lynn and her group. We were not disappointed with our decision! She completed the study on-time and on-budget, and provided the workpapers necessary for our tax filings in excellent form and in a timely fashion. Lynn is that rare professional who has fantastic interpersonal skills to go along with tremendous technical expertise. I would recommend her and her firm to anyone considering a cost segregation study, or for any accounting challenge they may have.

John S.  |  Controller

They are on our team and our contractors appreciate working with them

Thanks to Neff Consulting Group and their tremendous diligence – Oh how we’ve grown! Using our own capital from tax savings, we’ve also been able to substantially reduce our leveraging, debt service and interest.  They are on our team and our contractors appreciate working with them.

Pat D.  |  Developer

Fixed Asset Management

$800k in deductions resulting in a tax reduction of over $300K!

Year after year, our tax preparer entered the majority of our improvements into lump sums, and depreciated our F,F&E on incorrect class lives,  on our depreciation schedule. All along, we presumed correctness.

With their review of our depreciation schedule, and preparation of the Form 3115, Neff Consulting Group recovered over $800k in deductions resulting in a tax reduction of over $300K!  They were expeditious and performed this service on their standard hourly rate – not a percentage of recovery.

We now utilize their annual review service.

Carole C.  |  Controller

Above and beyond!

Above and beyond! Neff Consulting identified additional fixed assets, on our depreciable schedule, that needed correction. They captured these corrections while preparing our Form 3115.  Thank you for reducing our tax liability by an additional $47k!

Pat D.  |  Developer

Construction Contract Management

Neff Consulting discovered over $70k in contractor billing errors

During the course of providing their Cost Segregation Services, Neff Consulting discovered over $70k in contractor billing errors.  Albeit a very reputable contractor that we still use, we didn’t have an internal employee familiar enough with construction contract billings to recognize these errors. Among the discoveries, there were line items in the contractor billings that actually belonged to a different project, change orders to contract inclusions were not receiving correlating deductions, and we had flat out overpaid a billing. Neff Consulting provided the reconciliations and corrections, all of which were affirmed in a wonderfully comfortable team approach meeting with the General Contractor. Had it not been for Neff Consulting, who knows when and if all of the corrections would have occurred.

Paul J.  |  Major Auto Dealership Owner

Discovered that we had still overpaid our contract by exactly $10K

Our internal accounting team was unfamiliar with construction contract billings.  Payments for some change orders were accidentally duplicated. While we managed to get portions of that corrected, in the course of their Cost Segregation Study, Neff Consulting discovered that we had still overpaid our contract by exactly $10K. Their knowledge of the construction industry made the process of communicating the error to the contractor so easy! Total professionals and easy to work with and our contractor appreciated their supportive manner!

John P.  |  GM Dealership Services

I would recommend Lynn to any of my clients

I would recommend Lynn to any of my clients, and do! She is one of the most knowledgeable tax specialists I know, especially in regards to depreciation schedules for properties. If you own a commercial property, Lynn can more than likely PROPERLY restructure the depreciation schedule and recoup taxes you have paid.

Fred H.  |  Private Capital Lender – Partner