Cost Segregation Services

Are you missing out on deductions?

Don't Overpay on Taxes

Most commercial property owners overpay taxes year-after-year. They miss out on substantial and allowable depreciation expense deductions. Most buildings are depreciated on a 39, 31.5 or 27.5 year schedule. However, our in-depth, engineering-based construction cost analysis corrects and legally converts large portions of facilities to a 15, 7, or 5 year schedule – saving significant money for the owner. Resulting in increased cash flow available for wealth development.

Take Advantage of Accelerated Depreciation

The Power of Cost Segregation

Without what is known as an “Engineering-Based Cost Segregation Study,” the taxpayer is unable to take full advantage of accelerated depreciation expense deductions which are available to the commercial property owner. This causes them to surrender significant cash flow, in the form of taxes paid to the IRS. By conducting a CSS, we can correctly and legally reclassify construction, or acquisition, costs for tax depreciation purposes.

Find Out How Much You Can Save

Find Out How Much You Can Save

Schedule a conference to discover — in real, guaranteed numbers — what financial benefits may be available by engaging the Cost Segregation Services of Neff Consulting Group — the key to unlocking the power of your property and cash flow for your future. At NCG you will get a quote of what you will save. If we exceed our benefits quote, there is no small print that increases our fee. In addition to the decades of construction background, under the ownership of a licensed CPA, you can be confident that not only are our fees are fixed by law, but our results are also the best in the business.

Unlock Your Cash flow

Take Advantage of Current Period Savings

The benefit of accelerating depreciation translates into current period tax savings, improved cash flow from reduced taxes and greater discretionary use of internally generated profits. If you aren’t taking advantage of this opportunity, it’s time to speak our Cost Segregation Specialists and find out exactly how much you could be saving.

Unlocking the Power of Your Property

What is the Engineering Approach?

The detailed engineering approach provides the most accurate classification of assets into their correct categories. The end result of a properly performed engineering-based study includes a fully supportable study from both a tax and construction standpoint, and the proper classification of assets under MACRS providing the correct depreciation recovery period and method. Our Cost Segregation Study reports clearly state the methodology used in our cost analysis.

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Our Extensive Experience

Our construction experience and tax depreciation knowledge spans decades. We know the construction industry and we understand the significance of a Cost Segregation Study. We’ve worked with construction companies, nationwide, for years, so you can be assured that we understand the industry’s issues and are well equipped to provide practical and innovative advice.